Singers and Musicians
The Coolest of the Cool
Music has been one of the most important things in my life ever since I could remember.  I have a lot of favorite singers and groups, so I decided to do a page dedicated to my favorites. 
Olivia Newton-John
Olivia is my all-time favorite entertainer-PERIOD. 

I first fell totally in love with her in Grease when I saw it on cable television in the summer of 1979, just a few months before my 13th birthday.  Something clicked.  At first I was only interested in Grease.   Then Xanadu came along  in the following summer.   Then the next year came Physical.  I started collecting all of her old albums in 1982, realizing while listening to them that I was quite familiar with her earlier material(my sister used Let Me Be There in her wedding in 1979).  That plus the magical union of music and your teen years made Olivia my favorite singer in the WORLD.

Now, over 25 years later, I remain a fan.  I've also Grown to respect Olivia as a person who has fought Breast Cancer and fought for our environment.  I am proud to say I'm a fan of this beautiful woman!
Kylie Minogue
It was spring 1988.  I was watching "Night Tracks" on WTBS, Atlanta on cable(a all-night video show).  The female announcer announced a sneek peak video from an actress from Australia named "Kylie Minogue" who starred in a show called "Neighbours.  The song was "I Should Be So Lucky" and it had gone number one all around the world.  I was intrigued to see who this young lady was as she was an Aussie and the only other Aussie female singer that mattered to me was ONJ. 

Well, one look at the video and I was HOOKED!  I began requesting the song on WCIL ,our local top 40 radio station, right away.  It would take awhile, but finally they added it.  Soon I was able to by the 12 inch single and the 45 from the record store at the mall in Carbondale, Ill.(Record Bar).  Finally, in early summer of 1988, the song went top 40.   After making 2 more hits(the top 10 "Loco-Motion" and top 40 "It's No Secret")  She disappeared from the US airwaves.

A second album was released in 1989, but this was the time that vinyl records were becoming extinct and I was forced to buy the cassette version of the second album(Enjoy Yourself).....the first single would bomb(I Wouldn't Change a Thing) and I figured that was that.

The following year came the promise of the US release of her 3rd album "Rhythm of Love", but it never came about.  I had seen the first and second singles from the album ("Better the Devil You Know" and "Step Back In Time" on an MTV show called "Earth To MTV" hosted by Aussie Andrew Daddo which showed popular videos from around the world.  I would make an audio tape of the songs(mono) which had to do until "Better the Devil You Know" was featured on the soundtrack to a movie starring Richard Greico called "If Looks Could Kill".

In 1991, when a new shopping mall opened in Marion Illinois, I found a magazine called "Goldmine" in the NRM music store located in the mall.  The magazine featured ads from import shops and I discovered I could buy Kylie Minogue on IMPORT. 

For many Years I had to settle for imports until "Can't Get You Out of My Head" became a top 10 smash in the US, 14 years after "The LocoMotion" hit the top 10!  It was quite a thrill being able to buy Kylie at my local Wal Mart and hearing her on WCIL once again!!! 

I've seen Kylie go from an actress who sings to one of the biggest stars in the world!!
Chris Isaak
The first time I saw Mr. Isaak, I wasn't impressed.  It was in the video for "Wicked Game"  I thought he was just another pretty boy singer in an era of pretty boy singers.  But when I saw him on the Tonight Show and saw that there was more to this dude than meets the eyes(he's a total goofball), I bought all his cds.  He blew me away!!  I've been a fan ever since!  He's funny and cool AND it doesn't hurt that he had a part in one of my all-time favorite movies "Silence of the Lambs"!(a small part anyways.)
Tina Turner
I remember seeing Tina Turner performing "Proud Mary" as a young child in 1971, so when I heard  her cover of "Let's Stay Together" I knew who she was and I quickly bought the lp it came from "Private Dancer".  Tina is one of the most exciting singers ever and I'm a huge fan!
Lisa Stansfield
Lisa Stansfield can outsing any of the current new crop of "soul" singers these days.  I love this woman's voice and cannot get enough of her music!
Dean Martin
Dean Martin is one of the first singers I can remember.  He's a total package!  Not only do I continue to love his music, I think his Matt Helm movies are sooo cool!!
Norah Jones
I only have one album by Ms. Jones, but that's enough to land her on this page.  I can't get enough from her and I want more.  I look forward to many more years of great work from this girl.  Thank God for Norah Jones!
THE KING...ELVIS PRESLEY.  I've known who Elvis was before I knew I even liked music.  I think he stirred in my soul whatever it was that makes me like music.  He's in a class all by himself.
Tom Jones
Tom Jones can sell as song!  Nothing like a Tom Jones song to get you going!  He's sooo cool!
Shelby Lynne
Shelby won the Grammy for Best New Artist a couple of years ago, but she'd been recording since 1989.  I LOVE Shelby's voice and I have all of her cds......
Shania Twain
I first saw Shania Twain on CMT with her debut video "What Made You Say That".......I was a fan immediately......I knew one day this girl would be a big, big right I was.......
Sheena Easton
I've been a fan of Ms. Easton since 1981, when she had her first hit in the US "Morning Train(9 to 5)......she went through many styles and kept it of my all time favorites......
Lew Jetton & 61 South
I knew Lew was a great weatherman....but had no idea what a talented musician he was.......until I got his debut cd, "State Line Blues".......he blew me away!  I always enjoy seeing him "live" at Herrin Festa and I can't wait for cd number 2!
John Lennon
Lennon wrote and recorded a lot of my all-time favorite songs.  He was a musical genious!......what a sad day it was when he was killed......
Earth, Wind & Fire
I could listen to Earth, Wind and Fire all day. 
Eurythmics & Annie Lennox
I think the Eurthymics are one of the most enduring acts to come out of the 1980's.  Annie Lennox's voice is a natural wonder....
Aretha Franklin
One of the first singers I can remember hearing.  Respect still remains in my top 10 all-time favorites.  Aretha is the QUEEN of soul(sorry Justin Timberlake).
Harry Connick, Jr
Mr. Multi-talented himself.  I've been a fan since the When Harry Met Sally Soundtrack.......
Louie Armstrong
Just ask me to do my Louie Armstrong impersonation!  "Hello Dolly , well hello's so nice to have you back where you belooong!"
Hall & Oates
A favorite of my early teen years.  You couldn't go ANYWHERE without hearing a Hall and Oates song on the radio back in the day. 
Laura Branigan
A powerful voice, combined with great songs!  Laura was at her peak in the 80's with such songs as "Gloria", "Solitaire" and "Self Control"  Sadly, her voice was unexpectedly silenced when she died in her sleep on August 26 of 2004 of a brain aneurysm.  She was only 47.
Billy Joel
Despite some snide remarks about Olivia Newton-John(whom Joel once toured with), I love Mr. Joel's music.  Another staple on radio when I was growning up.
George Benson
George really snuck up on me with some great songs!  "Give Me the Night" and "On Broadway"......smoooooth.
"We Will Rock You", "Another One Bites the Dust", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" many great songs.......
Pat Benatar
Another radio staple from my teens!  You couldn't beat Pat for great rock tunes!
Frank Sinatra
Only as an adult did I come to appreciate Mr. he's a staple on my disc changer!
Bee Gees
Unfortunately dismissed after the disco revolution ended....the Bee Gees' music remains some of the best songs I've ever heard. 
Doris Day
Before ONJ there was Doris Day.....I grew up watching her movies and her tv show.  She has one of the loveliest voices I've ever heard!
No Doubt
it's No Doubt, I love them!  One of my favorites of the nineties and 2000's.
Nat King Cole
Another one of my favorite smooth voices!
Natalie Cole
She gets it honest!  One of my faves!