My Family Photo Album

These are pictures of my niece, Melissa Hill as Dorothy from her High School play. My mother made the dress!

The only family photo we sister Connie was in Chicago at the time of this pic...pictured are (clockwise)Dad,Lori,Kim,the little guy is me, mom and Cindy(Melissa is her daughter).

It's hard for me and my sisters to all get together at the same time, so these are two different pictures with our older sisters Lori and Connie. Left pic(left to right)Kim, Me, Lori and Cindy. Right Pic(l to r)Kim, Me , Cindy and Connie.

This is one of my black and white photos of my sister Cindy and me.
No we don't work undercover for the FBI, it's me and my dad...the two Leonards!
Me and my mom.
Hard to believe I was ever this skinny...but here's the proof...circa 1990!

Me and my pet duck Che-Che and Barney the dog circa 1979

My dad from the fifties or sixties(not sure)