Tribute to Grandma Qualls

This is a page dedicated to my grandma...Margaret Qualls who died January 17, 2000 at 93 years old. She was a special lady whom I loved with all my heart! She leaves behind so many people who loved her. I miss her with all my heart.

HER KIDS (clockwise)Jimmy, Ed, Lou, Ann(my mother), Marge and Fay....her youngest daughter, Barbie, died in a car accident.
This is me and my mother on a visit with my grandma at Randolph County Nursing Home.
This is a young Margaret with daughter Barbara Jo, my sister Loretta and Aunt Fay in the lower right corner.
This is mom and Grandma at my cousin Donna's wedding in 1992.
This is a picture of Grandpa Eugene Qualls and his brothers and father. Grandpa died in 1958.